Differences Affiliate Programs and Reseller Programs

You often read in a site is offered to follow affiliate and reseller programs, what is the difference? simple enough distinction between affiliate programs and Reseller programs but often less attention newbie. Starting from the question one of my colleagues who got interested monetize the Internet. Here the question Is perbadaan affiliate with resellers? of questions that ultimately emerged the idea to post the differences and Affiliate reseller.

The difference is for the affiliate program there is no fee to become members while the reseller program must purchase these products means that there is a cost, then sell again (resellers).

Affiliate Program: Is the program offered by the merchant (site owner) to sell products from the site, how to become affiliate marketing is no charge, we just signed up for the affiliate. The Commission offered between 5% to 80% Examples of external sites that offer affiliate programs are: Amazon, PayDotCom, Clickbank.

Reseller Program: is a program that I became a member must purchase the product and then sell it back to the reseller's name id of each member. Usually that apply reseller program is the type of information products such as audio, video, ebook. And usually in the field sites that offer reseller programs are always there information "to purchase this product you are entitled to sell back to the commission ....%. And usually returned: D commission offered between 20% to 80%.
Examples of sites that offer a reseller program include: Formulabisnis, Panduandasar

Sometimes escaped the attention is there a site that offers a reseller program is also in the modification of the affiliate program. Such sites are often the newbie to equate between the reseller and affiliate (including my first time).
Examples of the modified site of the affiliate resellers are: Panduandasar, Maubisnisonline, Bebaspikiran

While the equation of reseller and affiliate are both selling products from other sites, and we get a commission from these sales results. How do you understand now, and which ones would you take to make your pocket money.

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